Cowboys often come face-to-face with their real competition. The animals of the WNFR are top notch athletes with outstanding abilities.
It’s pretty safe to say these cowboys turns heads when they hit the arena floor. Don’t blink, they do it faster than just about anyone else in the world.
These cowboys earn their living eight hard seconds at a time, but if you can hang on in true cowboy fashion the roar of the crowd is the greatest reward. Don’t believe us? Just ask them.
Not all the action happened on the arena floor. Justine Blazer rocked the NFR Fan Experience with her unique country sound.
Talk about fast women? These ladies and their horses make rounding barrels look easy. The best part? When it comes to barrel racing there are no boys allowed.
The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo sure knows how to get things started in true Las Vegas fashion.
You would never guess from their dance moves that rodeo clowns and bullfighters are some of the bravest and toughest guys on the floor. Luckily, they know how to have a good time too.
One horse + One cowboy + Eight seconds = One moment of ultimate victory. This is what rodeo is all about.
There were some lightning fast times in tie down roping on night 9 of the WNFR. A truly impressive collaboration between cowboy and horse to get the job done.
The WNFR sure knows how to throw a party. Cheerleaders, music, lasers, and fireworks. It’s everything great about Las Vegas and rodeo all in one.
It takes more than a little GUTS and GLORY to strap yourself to the back of an angry bull, but these guys do it all year long. 
The WNFR knows how to make the most out of the bright lights in the big city. The opening ceremony of night 9 was complete with the UNLV cheerleaders, a laser light show, and fireworks.
The animals are just as much world class athletes as the cowboys. Here you see one of them fueling up for the show.